The 2021 Brooklyn Nets are the greatest basketball team I’ve ever laid eyes on

Written by Noah Gagnon

That was awesome. That was so freaking awesome. I love this team so much. In game two of the eastern conference semis the Brooklyn Nets just deep dicked the Bucks by 40 to take a 2-0 lead. Is it weird that I had a tent pitched in my pants the entire time I watched this beat down? Maybe. Is it justifiable? Certainly. Like look at these highlights.

I thought the Nets couldn’t play any defense? We just held the second best team in the east to 86 points. Giannis looked completely incompetent and I really don’t think Middleton would crack the Nets rotation with how he played tonight. KD and Kyrie literally do anything they want on the basketball court, and Harden wasn’t even playing. Imagine they had James? They could win by 100.

UPDATE: I just heard KD say “we have a lot of improvements to make.” Excuse me sir? How much better can they get? Win by 70? Hold the Bucks to 30 points total? Is Kevin trying to drop 100? Hahahahahaahaahaha. I LOVE KD!!!! You have to understand, there were days in my Nets fandom when the team would lose by 35, but Mirza Teletovic would drop 17 points and you’d be like “you know what, decent game.” Now we’ve got KD saying the team needs to improve after beating the reigning 2x MVP by 40 in a playoff game. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a team more.

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