The 2021 Baseball Hall Of Fame Ballot Has Been Released

Written by mrbillylocks

Is this FINALLY the year Barry Bonds gets into the Hall of Fame? Probably not, but I can still hope.

This year’s ballot doesn’t have the strongest newcomers in terms of first ballot Hall of Famers. Don’t get me wrong, these are great players, but I don’t see them being voted in the first year. The first timers include Mark Buehrle, A.J. Burnett, Michael Cuddyer, Dan Haren, LaTroy Hawkins, Tim Hudson, Torii Hunter, Aramis Ramirez, Nick Swisher, Shane Victorino, and Barry Zito.

The returning players on the ballot include Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Omar Vizquel, Scott Rolen, Billy Wagner, Gary Sheffield, Todd Helton, Manny Ramirez, Jeff Kent, Andruw Jones, Sammy Sosa, Andy Pettitte, and Bobby Abreu.

With the weaker class of newcomers, I see this as a year the Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds may get the amount of votes needed to be inducted. This is their 9th year on the ballot and with each year they gain more percentage of the votes. If it doesn’t happen this year, that would mean that these guys only have one more chance next year.

We’re getting into the range of the steroid era appearing on the ballot with names like Gary Sheffield, Sammy Sosa, and Manny Ramirez accompanying Bonds and Schilling. Most of these baseball writers that cast their votes are stuck-up old timers that scoff at the thought of a steroid user in the Hall. NEWS FLASH – a lot of the players currently in the Hall of Fame weren’t exactly model citizens. I think steroids were just part of the game back then and should be treated as such. Don’t punish these guys for dominated in a time when everyone was taking steroids. It made the game more exciting!

For what it’s worth, if I were to have a vote on this ballot, here’s how I’d vote it.

The results will be revealed on January 26th.

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