The 2019 Pro Sports Extra Crew Constructed Their Fantasy Football Lineups — View Full Lineups Here

Fantasy football season is here and in full swing! With all the trash talking and rooting for our players is what brings out the best in us.  

And tonight here at Pro Sports Extra, us as a crew thought it would be a great idea to put on a Fantasy football league pinning our bloggers against each other. 

In an eight-team league, we compiled our rosters to get ourselves ready for Week 1. 

Which roster is projected to come out on top? Well let’s a take a look. 

1) Trevor Uren – TrevStonesGonnaWin (TrevStone) (@TrevStonePSE) 

2) Brad Shepard – My Ball Zach Ertz (@TheBradShepard) 

3) Trashman Ronnie – Trashmen of America (@TrashmanRonnie)

4) Tanner Johnson – King of the North (@VuhnillaGorilla) 

5) Will Larson – Wide Left (@WGLarson) 

6) RandomPlayerDaily (@RndmPlayerDaily) 

7) Nate Bellville – Natedog Squad  (@natedog_906) 

8) Nick Chinners (@ChinnersPSE) 


What do you think of all of our lineups? Feel free to leave a comment or quote tweet to predict who will win this season! 

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