The 2019 PBR World Finals: A Review and Thank You

Written by Nate

When Trevor (@TrevStonePSE) and I first arrived in Las Vegas to cover the 2019 PBR World Finals, we did not know what to expect. But once it was all over, we were blown away. 

Between the pyrotechnics, the live concerts, and the entertainment in and between the bull-riding events, we were pretty impressed and are officially hooked by all the festivities and intensity that was going on. 

Throughout the whole experience in Vegas, we all have learned from our fellow blogger at PSE, Marcus (@Fabled_Abel) and the rest of the PBR staff what goes on for both the fans and media alike at not just the Finals, but a PBR event. 

From our first day on being PBR’s the Black Carpet, we seen that it was a huge deal. It is like the actual Red Carpet in Hollywood. 

It was awesome being able to capture the moment of when the bull riders come down the carpet, greet fans and family in attendance and seeing them getting interviewed by Colby Yates and Matt West. (Just like the video that is shown below) 

I truly felt that it should be a great thing to see it be done in every major championship event such as the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Finals. 

The pre-event concerts were amazing to attend to. Former ‘The Voice’ winner Chevel Sheperd put on a show during her performance, along with rising star Casey Barnes and singer of ‘Take It on Back’ Chase Bryant. 

As for the Finals event itself, the event was stellar. Especially from our view from the media deck in T-Mobile Arena.

Over as the Finals went on, it got more entertaining. The best parts throughout include Flint Rasmussen entertaining the crowd and media people alike, the bull riders riding and celebrating once they get their scores, the music that is playing for the riders and attendees before and during the event, and soaking the sport all in.

Also when we joined up for the press conference for each event, the bull riders that participated in it came off as humble and business-like. Plus we admire how physically and mentally tough they really are. Here’s an excerpt of one of PBR’s press conferences that we attended and a video from the Finals that explain it.

I also have to compliment about how respectful and good sports the riders are to each other. Such as Jose Vitor Leme congratulating World Champion Jess Lockwood.

Just to wrap up this blog post here, myself on behalf of Pro Sports Extra, we would like to thank PBR for giving us the opportunity to cover the PBR World Finals, the Black Carpet, and have us experience the sport of bull riding the way we didn’t before.

I would like to give thanks to T-Mobile Arena and Can-Am for supplying us with the dining options that we had during our time covering the event as well. The meals were delicious!

Also we once again would like to congratulate Jess Lockwood ourselves on becoming the PBR World Champion during our week there. We say keep grinding and loving what you all do for a living as bull riders.

If we got the chance to get invited out to attend one of Professional Bull Riding’s events again, I am sure we won’t be hesitant to go. We will be bringing along more people to have them enjoy the experience as much as me, Marcus, and Trevor did. Thank you and we will likely come back soon!

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