The 16-Team College Football Playoff Bracket is Arousing

Written by Noah Gagnon

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little bit attracted to brackets. Like, you could show me a list of the 32 most ruthless dictators of all time, and if you threw it in bracket form I’d be pretty damn temped to fill it out (Stalin would take it home IMO). So, when some genius on social media whipped up a 16-team college football bracket you best believe I stared at that thing til my eyes popped out of my head.

You’re telling me you don’t chub up a little looking at this? I mean Coastal vs Ohio state, potential for Miami/Notre Dame in the second round, even the Northwestern/Clemson game gets pretty frisky. Oh yeah, and a trillion points would be scored in Florida/Oklahoma. On the surface level, an Alabama/Iowa matchup does absolutely nothing for me. BUT, you phrase it as a 1 vs 16 matchup and I’m pumped for the upset potential.

Hand up, in no way am I intelligent enough to understand the ramifications of what a 16 team playoff would do for the sport, all I know is that brackets and colors give me blood flow. This is literally March Madness for football, and if I die before seeing it, I’ll have never lived.

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