That Time Rod Serling Rocked a Commercial for Ford

Written by Mike Rickard II

Rod Serling, a man who needs no introduction and if he does, please either Google him or risk a digital pimp slap from one of his fans. With his distinct voice, Serling could narrate anything from a documentary to a snuff film, and command your attention. In 1970, Serling lent his vibrant voice to the Ford LTD.

Ford’s LTD was a boat, the kind of gas-guzzling beast big enough in the back to hold a Roman orgy in with room up front to reenact the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Mansion full of guests? Have the orgy in your Ford LTD

Here’s Rod rocking the commercial for Ford:

What’s beautiful about the commercial is that it was part of Ford’s advertising deal with ABC’s Monday Night Football. When Monday Night Football started in 1970, ABC and advertisers were taking what was a big risk with the program. However, the risk paid off and commercials like the one above proved worth the cost.

Sadly, the world would be robbed of Serling’s genius in 1975 when he passed away at age 50 after suffering a heart attack while undergoing open-heart surgery to repair a previous heart attack. Serling (who reportedly smoked three to four packs of cigarettes a day) was a visionary who could take a mundane commercial and turn it into magic.

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