It’s been like 4 hours since the Nets game ended and I’ve just been sitting in a stew of depression ever since. I don’t even have it in me to rip apart the technical ins and outs of the game, and discuss the 700 points of the game where I was on the verge of either breaking my television. Instead, I’d just like to let my feelings of utter despair out onto this website.

We had it. The Nets had it. The opportunity to go up 1-0 on the road in a series that’s gonna be razor-thin is invaluable and Jayson Tatum just ripped it away. If we lose this series, I will see that shot on my deathbed. Like did Bruce Brown and Claxton BOTH have to bite on the smart pump fake? What if Tatum didn’t spin? What if it took smart an extra half-second to get that pass off?

And the fact that game two doesn’t happen until Wednesday is such a killer for my personal life. I’m just gonna be stewing in rage for the next 72 hours. I will not eat. I will not sleep. I will not smile until this team is back on the court again.

And the worst part about this is that no matter what happens the rest of this series I’ll always think the Nets should have 1 more win. If we win the next game and its 1-1, I’ll just be thinking that it should be 2-0. Going to game 7? Should’ve been done in 6. This will forever haunt me.

As a positive guy, there are some silver linings. We only lost by 1 and KD played horrible. They really figured things out towards the end of the game so despite the loss they should have some momentum going into game 2. The refs finally started calling the Celtics horrific physical tactics in the second half. The series is gonna go back to Brooklyn. And oh yeah, we might get Ben 10. Nets in 5.


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