“Another one off the hit list, that nappy afro kid is next”. Watching people talk about LeBron James when he is 16 years old is absolutely insane. Whoever filmed this footage of James an this camp hopefully is very wealthy.

LeBron was an unknown prospect coming into this camp with bigger names like Carmelo Anthony and ‘Cook’ the number one ranked high school recruit at the time. It is crazy to see at even 16 LeBron James had command over an entire gym even when the spot light was not suppose to be on him.

One of the crazier things about this little clip is listening to people say his full name: “LeBron James” like seems as if he already should of been a house hold name.

Watching even this minute long clip shows how dominate James was pretty much from the jump like he probably could have been league bound at the age of 16 with some of these highlights. It was so evident that the was well in above his peers skill level wise and even physical build.

Probably the wildest thing is could you imagine after a long 8 hour day of school where you had Algebra 2 and it was tough, and bullshit English class that at 4pm that same day some poor souls had to try to guard LeBron James in a high school basketball game? Those poor bastards.


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