That Brooklyn Nets loss was the most heartbreaking sports loss of my lifetime

Written by Noah Gagnon

Oh my god do I not want to be writing right now. I just want to curl up into a ball, go to sleep, and never wake up again. I’ve watched sports every year for my entire life, and this was by far the worst loss I’ve ever experienced. I’ll go through all of the reasons why this hurt so bad, despite typing through an agonizing depression.

Reason 1: Joe Harris

Despite the existence of the big 3, Joey Buckets is far and away my favorite player on this team. He’s an OG Net, and was part of the building blocks that got the team to where they are today. With that being said, he single-handedly lost this series. The guy shot like 20% in the series, including missing 2 open threes in overtime. On top of the fact that I won’t get to watch the Nets play anymore, I have to watch the entire basketball world completely defecate in this guy’s mouth. There’s really no worse feeling as a sports fan than when your favorite player plays so indefensibly bad that the entire world unanimously beats the hell out of them, and there’s literally no logical defense you can put up. And oh yeah, I spent like $200 on Harris jerseys before the playoffs.

Reason 2: Literally Inches Away

I know I can’t complain much because KD did hit one of the craziest shots in postseason history, but the guy was literally pubes away from hitting a game-winning 3. I’m sorry, but does he need to have like size 25 feet? Can’t they just shrink a liiiitttlllleee bit so he gets those piggies behind the line? But the ultimate kick in the balls here is that the miracle KD shot just gets completely thrown down the toilet because they didn’t win the game. Do you understand the emotional distress one goes through when a shot like that is hit, and then the team puts up two points in overtime? It’s like if someone has a gun to your head, goes to pull the trigger, and then says “oh wait I forgot the bullets,” but then proceeds to find the bullets in their pocket and blast you in the face.


Listen, I am not delusional. I know that in the hierarchy of NBA franchises, the Brooklyn Nets rank pretty far towards the bottom of the list. I also know that if James Dolan wasn’t the biggest asshole in sports, it would’ve been the New York Knicks going down with the big 3 tonight, and the Nets would be preparing for the lottery. With that in mind, I know the Nets are NEVER going to have a roster this good in my lifetime, so they’ve gotta capitalize now. How long is our window here? 3 years? 2? And we just squandered away one of those years because Kyrie stepped on Giannis’ foot, Harden got hurt 40 seconds into the series, and the entire team scored 2 points in overtime of game 7. I will watch the Nets every year of my life until I die, and I’m certain that I’ll never see a team as good as the one I see right now, so if I don’t see a title with this team, I’ll never see one.

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