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Texas Governor Discusses 2nd Round of State Closures Due to COVID-19

Written by joe.breaux

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott discussed guidance for state residences to combat a recent surge in COVID-19 cases throughout the state “without having to return to stay-at-home policies.” Abbott stressed that “closing down Texas again will always  be the last option,” but did not completely rule out another round of stay at home orders by explaining that if the surge in cases continue to grow, “further action will be necessary.”

According to numbers released today by the Texas Department of Public Health, the state had a daily average of around 1,500 positive cases a day to end the month of May. Over the past week the number of positive tests has jumped to over 3,500 daily. Monday saw 3,280 new positive cases, which is down from Saturday’s recent high of 4,430.

Not only are the number of positive cases increasing, hospitalizations are also seeing the similar percentages of increases. During the same time 30 day time period hospitalizations for COVID-19 related illnesses have increased from 1,600 to 3,200.

During his press conference Governor Abbott urged residents to continue to practice social distance guidelines; to stay at home when at all possible, to sanitize their hands, and to wear facial coverings whenever they are out in public. Although Governor Abbott strongly encouraged all individuals to wear masks while in public, he did sign an order on June 3 banning local governments from making mask-wearing mandatory.

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