Pretty sick year to be a longhorns fan, huh? Remember that time Sam Ehlinger said “we’re back” really loud in front of a lot of people? Well, he was pretty freaking wrong. The team lost their seventh game of the season today to West Virginia, officially eliminating their bowl eligibility for 2021.

Imagine living in a state that consistently puts out the top high school football talent year after year after year, yet the college program can’t even stay above .500. If I’m the SEC, do I even want these scrubs in my conference? At this point they’d really only compete with the South Carolina’s and Vanderbilt’s of the world. They’d have ZERO chance at the top of that conference.

And how’s it supposed to improve? Recruiting? If I was a high school football king in Texas I’d literally consider being a Texas State Bobcat over being a Longhorn. They should conisder bringing Colt McCoy back. That guy ruled.

I’m a Rutgers fan, and I really think our program has passed Texas in terms of pristige. If we win next week, we’re bowl eligible. Can Texas say that? Don’t think so. And honestly, if Rutgers and Texas faced off we’d probably smack them by about 40, and it wouldn’t even be our best win of the year. The Texas Longhorns should aspire to be like the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Horns down.


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