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Texans’ Watson is a Free Man!

Deshaun Watson will not face criminal charges.”

Adam Schefter, initial announcement Via Twitter

The Deshaun Watson criminal saga is finally over! By this time, many fans have forgotten what a prolific passer Watson was before he was accused of sexual assault on many counts. Most people did not believe he would play another snap in the NFL. However, Deshaun Watson knew he had a chance. Whether or not he committed any sexual assault crimes may very well go without knowing. But today, the grand jury declared Watson “not guilty” on all counts.

This means that, barring an unforeseen challenge, the Texans are free to trade Watson to the highest bidder.

Now, that Wilson, Rodgers, and Wentz are off the table, teams without a quarterback they are confident in may be willing to give up a pretty penny to bring in the talents of this quarterback who has had an entire season to train. The problem is that he has missed an entire season. Is he the same passer he used to be?

Teams still searching for a quarterback include: Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Seattle, and more.

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