Terrible news Fake Drake has been Banned from Instagram

Written by schultzyca

The sky is falling. Fake Drake has been banned from Instagram for ‘allegedly’ impersonating Drake!

What a terrible day in hip-hop history. How can we allow this terrible thing to happen? In all seriousness though this is a crazy thing to do impersonating someone and then making a whole living off of it.

Remember this is the same guy that was allegedly paid 50k to appear at a night club. The wildest thing is this man has no resemblance to Drake in my opinion.

But good for him I guess, just goes to prove that people will pay you for the dumbest things and money is very easy to make.

Apparently everyone with a beard like that looks like Drake, I saw someone in the comments say that Stevie Wonder knows that isn’t even Drake.

What a wild world we live in. LOL

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