Tennessee Titans’ LB Bud Dupree Charged With Misdemeanor Assault After Grocery Store Brawl

Written by austenlange

It looks as if the Number 1 AFC seeded team may have some issues coming soon. Outside linebacker and known massive human Bud Dupree is facing misdemeanor assault charges after a video hit the airwaves where Dupree is “assaulting” people.

You see why I put “assault” into quotes. To me, it looks as though Dupree is just trying to deescalate this situation. I’m not entirely sure of what led up to this fight and why Dupree is fighting with men in his jersey but, that’s not my place.

Dupree is a giant man, and I mean GIANT.

This is what came from the arresting police department, “Due to the victim being assaulted, the defendant is being charged with assault-fear of bodily injury,” the MNPD stated Tuesday, citing the citation that was issued.

Apparently the employee allegedly was using his phone to film during the incident. The male employee was treated after suffering a cut on his forehead and a female employee was treated after suffering a cut on her hand, Aaron told the newspaper. Now, did Dupree lose it and just snap? Doubtful but we still have to treat this as a serious matter.

Again I call BS I know this is just them following protocol and all of those good things, but I don’t think Dupree will face any serious consequences and shouldn’t affect his playing/performance with The Titans. Especially with the playoffs starting in just 2 short weeks.

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