Brooke Adams, also known as Miss Tessmacher is a sight for sore eyes in the world of professional wrestling. While she did have a brief run in WWE from 2006-2007 alongside Kelly Kelly, Adams is most well known for tenure with TNA/Impact Wrestling where she was a three–time TNA Knockouts Champion, and a one–time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. Adams is a well rounded performer and was even ranked in 7th place in the 2012 PWI Women’s Top 50.

With that said, Brooke Adams is a “dimeshow.” Not familiar with the phrase? When using the phrase “dimepiece” and “smokeshow” does not do justice to the subject, you simply combine the two words and make a bold statement.

I repeat. Brooke Adams is a “dimeshow.”

This was discussed in a previous article about Eva Marie. WWE is not selling sex in 2021. Heck, they haven’t hit the “sex sells” trains in many years now. With that said, it’s time WWE starts adding more risque content to its programming. I know, I know Big brands could pull out their advertising dollars. Target market is children. Blah Blah Blah. I’m not saying go back to the days of the Attitude Era, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having valets or even female wrestlers who exude a bit more of a sultry and salacious personality than most of the more wholesome females we see on our screen every week. Heck, even if there was additional PG-13 content on the WWE Network it would do some damn good business.

Let me point something out here before I get accused of being a sexist. Brooke Tessmacher has all the talent in the world to come into the WWE and be a top female performer. I am not trying to minimize her skill set as an in-ring worker. With that said, she is very easy on the eyes and I can guarandamntee that if she is on TV cutting a promo, in some form of a vignette, or even wrestling, most of your male viewership will stay glued to the TV.

As Paul Heyman would say, that’s not a promise, it’s a spoiler. Both WWE and AEW need ramp up the sexuality if you want to cultivate a new fan base. The fans you attracted during the PG Era are now teenagers and adults. They don’t want to see Alexa Bliss tormenting Randy Orton with Voodoo magic on Monday nights. They want to see the back of her facing the hard camera in a short skirt that exposes her a bit.

Brooke Adams has very much been a team player throughout her career, and I have a feeling she would flourish in a role like this. So what are you waiting on WWE and AEW? Let’s get her signed immediately.

If you’re not already convinced, I suggest you scroll down further and then you will agree with me.


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