Teams Who Are Most Likeliest To Reach The Super Bowl This Year

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The Super Bowl is still months away but the NFL season is coming to a close. We are super close to knowing which team has the best Odds To Win Super Bowl and to help you figure out which team to bet on, we can display our findings right here.

Current Favorites – Kansas City Chiefs – +430

According to Fanduel, the correct favorites to win are the Kansas City Chiefs. This year we expected stiff competition in the AFC West division but the Kansas City Chiefs have been dominating the field all year.

In fact, they have been leading the whole NFL scoreboard for over 12 weeks now.

We all held our breath when the team lost Tyreek Hill with the biggest blow coming from the Patrick Mahomes duo losing a key player. However, Mahomes is currently on track to break the single-season record for passing yard counts.

If the Chiefs continue this trajectory, they cannot lose!

Buffalo Bills – +450

Next on the favorites list are the Buffalo Bills. Fanduel put them at +450 just +20 behind the Chiefs. These figures are accurate as of December 1st, so click the link above to see if the numbers change as the season progresses.

Looking at the Buffalo’s season so far, they should be in the first place. They have been statistically the best team this whole season, and yet injury keeps putting the best players on the bench.

With a broken foundation, too many unseasoned players are making their way onto the field. If Josh Allen cannot get out of his red zone funk, and Bradley Chubb can’t improve the defensive strategy, then the Bills might lose this second-place bet.

Philadelphia Eagles – +600

A lot of football fans have their hopes on the Eagles this year, and that optimism comes from their young quarterback. Jalen Hurts has paired with De’Vonta Smith and A.J Brown to create a trio that cannot be beaten.

From explosive passes to passing attacks, the eagles are covering the skies and the round. The team as a whole has become fearless in their attacks and this intensity could get them to the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers – +650

At the beginning of the season, the 49ers were not expected to get this far. In fact, everyone believed that the Los Angeles Rams would defend their reigning title in the NFC West and continue their Super Bowl legacy. 

However, the Rams have dropped all the way down to +70,000 in the Fanduel currently rates them 5th most likely to not reach the Super Bowl.

The 49ers have shocked their division and they are slowly catching up to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dallas Cowboys – +850

We expect the Dallas Cowboys to take the NFC Wild Card. The Cowboys have the best youngsters on the pitch, and there is one in particular that we have our eye on. Micah Parson is an explosive player and an outstanding offensive team member that can make some serious plays during a game.

Their reactions are quick, their enthusiasm is high and although they seem to be chaotic in play, it looks like this strategy is working for them.

Miami Dolphins – +1,500

Now we are entering an unlikely territory. The Miami Dolphins aren’t doing very well this season, but there are far worse teams on the field. Injury is playing a big part this year, so the top guns might slip and fall leaving room for the dolphins to swim to the top.

The current top picks for the AFC Wild Card pick belong to the Miami Dolphins, but whether they make an impact or not depends on JaMarr Chase. Chase has been stuck to the bench for weeks now due to an injury. If he can’t recover in time, then the team risks failure.

Minnesota Vikings – +1,700

Although the Minnesota Vikings are likely to become the NFC North champions, the odds to push further are not in their favor. They have been under new guidance this year which has dramatically improved their play style overall.

They have an entirely new offensive team along with a new coach and a new defensive strategy.

The changes have been enough to put the Vikings through to the next rounds, but it might not be enough to get them to the Superbowl.

Baltimore Ravens – +1,700

The same story can be said for the Ravens. This team might win the AFC North champions, but cracks are showing in their foundations already. Seeing as their pass defense is ranked at 27th place, they are struggling to continue through to the playoffs.

We can’t rule these teams out just yet, but as the weeks move on, the players need to give the game all they have to continue toward the Super Bowl.


So far, the most likely teams to reach the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.

The next duo have similar rankings to each other, but not enough to make them real rivals. They are the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

The other teams really need to change their game if they want to make it to the final round.

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