A lot has been made of Odell Beckham Jr. and his potential destination this season, but it may well be that whoever he signs with does not get much use out of him in 2022.

There is “considerable doubt” around the NFL regarding Beckham’s health, one anonymous NFC executive told Ralph Vacchiano of FOX Sports. Beckham is coming off his second torn ACL in 16 months, and there are apparently questions about how much he would even be able to contribute this season once he signs with a team. It would be a surprise if Beckham were anything close to resembling his former All-Pro self.

Under the most optimistic of circumstances, Beckham will have a chance to play just five regular-season games before the playoffs begin. That would require him to sign early next week and then be on the field just says later.

Vacchiano’s report indicated Beckham has been seeking $20 million per year. That’s not happening. There is no circumstance in which Beckham signs a deal at anything resembling that number; he would arguably be lucky to get half of that figure.

Even before the injury issues, his play had been declining. He will never resemble the player he was earlier in his career with the Giants. The baggage that he comes with, health concerns and his declining play, Beckham would not be worth signing in my opinion.

Odell Beckham Jr. Photo courtsey of Associated Press


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