Washington Redskins

Team Formerly Known as Washington Redskins to Be Known as Washington “Football Team” for 2020

Written by joe.breaux

Hail to the Redski…… No wait, that’s offensive

Hail to the …….

Looks like Daniel Snyder is drawing a blank on what to call the team that makes it’s home in the nation’s capital for the 2020 season. So the team formerly known as the Redskins will be listed as the Washington “Football Team” for the upcoming season.  Not to be confused with the Washington Baseball Team who may also be playing deep into October. Lucky for the National’s their name seems to be safe.

I’m just curious to see what logos the Team will be sporting. Are we to see a large burgundy W? A “FT” maybe? A generic football. Maybe a simple blank helmet.

Washington fans may simply opt to the classic paperbag look. Your nameless team likely won’t give you a lot to cheer for this season anyways.

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