Jeremy Clark, author of horn frogs blitz a TCU insider website has already reported that Texas Tech TCU and Baylor have all already reached out to the pac 12. This news comes on the heels of Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC.

If this news is true and these three schools do indeed join the Pac 12, the big 12 is dead. The top remaining schools would be West Virginia Iowa State and Kansas State. There will not be nearly enough money for these major programs to stick around in the small conference, and they will all likely go elsewhere places like the ACC the Big Ten or a non-power five conference.

None of this is really a shock, as I blog about earlier after the Oklahoma and Texas news it seemed like this type of situation was only a matter of time. I must admit, this is happening much faster than I anticipated, only hours after the news it broke. But nonetheless what can you expect. The NCAA has become so money driven and even more now with these player NIA coming into affect, that teams want to be playing on major networks, in major times, getting the viewership and sponsor money they feel they deserve.


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