TB12 going for 50?

Written by Dcorr43

It’s no secret that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is the greatest Quarterback of all time, (the greatest athlete of all time in my eyes). Rather you love him or hate him you have to appreciate what he has been able to do during his historic 22 (and counting) year career. A guy who was a sixth round pick coming out of the university of Michigan, a guy who was incredibly scrawny and whose pre draft report looked a little like this: “lacks great arm strength, lacks mobility and the ability to avoid the rush, doesn’t throw a tight spiral, system type QB that will get exposed if forced to adlib, and more reasons why he wouldn’t be a good, let alone all time great QB. But you don’t need me to tell you about the greatness of Tom Brady, his resume speaks for itself, 7 time Super Bowl Champion, which is more then any other franchise in the history of the NFL, 5 time super bowl MVP, and 1 of only 6 players in NFL History to win 3 or more MVPs. What seperates TB12 from the rest is his longevity, and it had me thinking, is Brady even human? I mean seriously, the man is 44 years old and threw for almost 400 yards and 4 tds during the Buccaneers 31-29 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in week one of the NFL regular season. Tom Brady can’t be human, there’s no shot, we will never see this ever again. In a recent edition of “Tommy and Gronky” a series held by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski asked Brady if he could play until he was age 50, in which Brady replied: “ I don’t find it so difficult, ya know Florida is kind of a retirey state, and I feel like I could kind of glide into retirement.” He then stated that he does believe he could play until 50 by saying: “I think I can, I think it’s a yes.” Those words must hurt the rest of the NFL and Tom Brady haters. The thought of anybody playing football until 50 is insane and unheard of but if there’s anybody in the world I’d never bet against it’s Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. The man isn’t human.

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