TB12 getting a divorce?

Written by cody mccloud

There has been some big news come out of Tampa Bay this off-season and this might be the biggest rumor!

The first big news was Tom Brady stepping away from football and finally hanging up the cleats. Shortly after that it was reported that Brady to the Dolphins was a possibility, but after Brian Flores outed the Dolphin organization over a bunch of different things.

Brady announced his retirement just 40 days after announces his retirement. That same month Bruce Arians announced he was stepping away from his head coaching duties. Coincidence?

Some speculate that Arians only stepped away from coaching because Brady announce his retirement, Most are speculating that Brady wanted to go to the Dolphins, because of Arians and once Flores outed their plan Brady decided to come back to the Buccaneers.

The Dolphins plan, if you haven’t heard was that Brady and Sean Payton would retire from their respected teams, and the Dolphins would trade for their contract rights. Other breaking news coming out of Tampa Bay was the signing of Julio Jones. The biggest news coming from Tampa is that Giselle and Brady are getting a divorce after 13 years together.

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