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Taylor Swift Arrives To Chiefs vs Jets Game In Scandalous Outfit Ahead Of Sunday Night Football

Written by TrevStone

Taylor Swift can’t stop being talked about. If it is for her selling out areas on her recent tour or now because she might be taking Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. Kelce is a beast on the field and apparently has more game than anyone else off the field.

Taylor has arrived recently to the Sunday Night Football game where the Chiefs take on the Jets. Kansas City should honestly dominate this game but who else is dominating the game? Taylor. Everyone is talking about her. Everyone is watching her. This is the couple of the year so far and I’m here for it. Honestly. I’m in love with T. Swift also – so I’m a bit jealous. Just a little bit ago Daily Mail reported that Kelce arrived at Taylor Swift’s hotel.

I hope he got a little lucky before the game. This couple should really release a….. just kidding. But for real, couple of the year right here.

Drinking game tonight:

Every time they show Taylor Swift take a shot.

Every time they show Travis Kelce’s mom, take a shot.

Every time Kelce scores? Shot gun a beer.

We will all be hammered by halftime. And might need to be. This game would have been a good one to look forward too if Aaron Rodgers didn’t get hurt for the Jets.

They’re doing numbers:

Swift Fans Need Help:

How do you think Travis Kelce feels right now? He must love this all. Probably thinking:

Taylor Swift has arrived and looks great – click here!

Travis Kelce is a cheater?

Main image from: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.deviantart.com%2Fdevilfish89%2Fart%2FTaylor-Swift-sexy-on-bed-UHD-838412318&psig=AOvVaw2Lc-rQppl0SWKdynj84Eno&ust=1696288148958000&source=images&cd=vfe&opi=89978449&ved=0CBIQjhxqFwoTCIDylfb71YEDFQAAAAAdAAAAABAF

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