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Taylor Swift Accidentally Flashes Crowd At Jets vs Chiefs Game

Written by TrevStone

We all know Taylor Swift is. We all love her. We all think she’s great. We all think she’s beautiful, she has the perfect everything. I know I agree. Or maybe that’s what I only think, just kidding Travis Kelce does also. And sodas many other people as Taylor Swift has been talked about left and right.

Some people are wondering why there is a camera on her at all times when she’s out in public. Especially when she’s at her new boyfriend, Travis is games. I hope sometime they will have it, but for now we got to go off of images and videos, that they show on TV or that people post online. And someone brought it to our attention, the Taylor Swift looks awesome.

And we know that.

But some people were saying that she might’ve accidentally flashed her body , I have not seen this. I just wanted to bring it to your attention that I don’t think it’s true. And the kind of fool you. She’s damn well Hot. But we damn well know she’s not gonna be showing off her body in public. Maybe, maybe one day. We all get that chance to see our queen Taylor Swift like that. But if not, we will live. I love you Taylor. I know this is weird. I just want you to click on this.

main image from: Todays Show

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