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Taylor Stevens’ OnlyFans Account Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Word “Stacked!” @TayStevens

Written by Chris Powers

Earlier this week I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and somehow or another I came across Taylor Stevens’ account. I did a quick Google search of her, and my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

Taylor Stevens is an absolute dime.

And upon realizing that, I felt the need to do a bit more research. I noticed after scrolling through her Twitter timeline that she had an OnlyFans account. 

I was tempted. I came close to pulling the trigger, but then thought no, maybe I won’t. But I did notice a picture of Taylor on her feed donning New England Patriots gear. So I thought, maybe I’ll write up a brief blog about how I discovered Taylor, and how the Patriots could benefit from having someone as gorgeous as her give pre-game pep talks to help motivate the team to win.

So I posted the blog and Taylor followed me back. We actually spoke, and she seemed like such a wonderful person. Sure, she’s absolutely gorgeous but I learned a few more things about her.

1. She’s clearly an avid sports fan.

2. She is motivated to grow her brand 

3. She is a very generous and giving person, especially to her fans. Her fan outreach is second to none, as she engages with her fans extensively through social media.

So finally, I pulled the trigger and subscribed.

The reason I say she’s so generous is because I have seen several OnlyFans pages before, and more often than not, adult entertainers more or less recycle their old content and post it to their OnlyFans accounts. This whole concept completely negates what “OnlyFans” stands for.

Taylor only uploads new and exclusive content to her OnlyFans page. But aside from that, I found that it was incredibly generous of her to give 20% off for anyone subscribing for the first 30 days! Most of your OnlyFans account holders are not that generous!

But more importantly, the content you will find on her OnlyFans page is top quality. It’s definitely worth every penny you spend. So if you have not checked out Taylor’s OnlyFans page, I would highly recommend doing so, and be sure to give her a follow on Twitter at @TayStevens and on Instagram at @thetaylorstevens

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Chris Powers

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