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Taya Valkyrie Exits Impact Wrestling, Is Her WWE Signing Imminent?

Written by jwatry

Last month, I wrote about the fact that WWE has been interested in two Impact Wrestling stars: Ethan Page and Taya Valkyrie. Since then, Ethan has seemingly departed and gone off on his former company a few times. Whether that is a “work” or just a man letting out his frustrations remains to be seen. Most outlets are reporting he has legitimately exited Impact. Second on that list finished up with Impact Wrestling a few days ago, according to PWInsider and confirmed by various outside sources.

Taya finished up with the company, as her contract actually expired at the end of December. She stayed to wrap up her story lines and lose to the Knockout Champion Deonna Purrazzo. Full credit to Taya for doing that. Nothing in her contract said she HAD to remain with the company and do those things. That is s true professional right there, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing but props to her.

It was very similar to how John Morrison left Impact Wrestling a little over a year ago. His deal was coming due, but he stayed to help the next man up and lose on his way out. Exactly how most agree you SHOULD leave a promotion – losing. Coincidence or not, Morrison then went to WWE. Why do I mention this? Not only because Morrison did ‘business’ the right way on the way out…but because he is the husband of Taya.

Yes, couples often work for different companies. Yes, everybody being based in Florida means it really doesn’t matter with travel schedules anymore. Yes, I do believe Taya is headed to WWE. That has been the rumor for awhile now and with ehr being a free agent, I suspect she joins her hubby in WWE. Whether she is paired up with him or kept separate, who knows? At age 37, it feels like Taya going to WWE is a now or never kind of situation. Can’t wait forever.

If the top company in the industry is interested, you listen. If your husband is already there as well, you listen closely. On last night’s Impact Wrestling episode on AXS TV, it was teased that she may join All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE, or even Ring Of Honor (ROH). I say WWE. What say you?

Let me know on Twitter at @JustinWatry – until we all find out, good luck to Taya…

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