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Tana Mongeau’s Podcast, Much Like Her OnlyFans, Is Must See Content! @tanamongeau

Written by Chris Powers

The brand that is Tana Mongeau is spreading like a wildfire across the the world. For being so young, she is so incredibly well business minded with the posturing and moves she has made to help further her brand name.

In recent months, Tana has opened her own jewelry line, created her own social media influenced based talent agency, has created an eye popping OnlyFans account, and now has one of the best podcasts on air today.

The “CANCELLED” podcast is quickly climbing the charts, and rightfully so as it’s spearheaded my by a self made marketing genius. For more perspective on the podcast, check out the description below from the Apple Store:

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Internet is set ablaze as Tana Mongeau launches her very own podcast: CANCELLED! After years of growing up under the constant scrutiny of public opinion, social media juggernaut, Tana Mongeau, is officially taking back the mic. Acting as a natural evolution of her acclaimed “storytime” videos, this show offers an intimate look at Mongeau, her meteoric rise to superstardom, and the unavoidable moments of vulnerability that make this cyber-personality all the more human. CANCELLED will seek to shed a new light, not only on its host, but on the enigmatic world of “the influencer,” featuring lively celeb tell-alls, current event commentary, and Tana’s unfiltered take on the drama that relentlessly clings to her.

credit: apple store

If you haven’t checked out Tana’s “CANCELLED” podcast yet, be sure to do so today. Let’s see her pod climb to number 1 on the charts!

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