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Tana Mongeau Sticks Giant Weiner In Her Mouth; Her OnlyFans Numbers Are Expected Skyrocket! @tanamongeau

Written by Chris Powers

Our favorite influencer is at it again, making headlines across the country with her ever famous Instagram stories. Tana Mongeau made headlines for her recent visit to a carnival and sticking what appears to be a foot long or possibly even longer corn dog into her mouth.

The best part is that in one of the pictures, Mongeau indicates it is what she does on her OnlyFans. If that’s the case, then wow, sign me up immediately! You can only imagine that men everywhere are now subscribing at the very sight of the pictures you’ll see below!

Tana recently launched a web series on OnlyFans titled “Tana Gone Wild.” While the series is in its very infancy, one can only imagine what could happen with Tana calling the shots. She is always full of surprises and you never know what she is going to do next.

You can check out the pictures of it below! Also, if you have not yet signed up for Tana’s OnlyFans account, you may want to do so sooner than later!

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