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Tana Mongeau Owned 2021; Why Her 2022 Will Be Even Bigger! @tanamongeau

Written by Chris Powers

Tana Mongeau had a lot to celebrate on New Year’s Eve as she had a wildly successful year.

Let’s go over her list of accomplishments in 2021 in no particular order

  • Opened “Tana’s Angels”, he very own talent agency that caters specifically to influencers.
  • Signed a multi-million dollar podcast deal featuring her hit podcast, “Cancelled.”
  • Increased her social media following to over 10M subscribers/followers
  • Opened her own line of jewelry called “Room 13”
  • Has her personal line of food called “Only Foods” and alcohol brand named “Dizzy.”
  • Launched the most successful OnlyFans account in history.

With all of that accomplished in 2021, what does that leave for 2022? Tana simply started most of these ventures in 2021, which means from a financial aspect, revenues will only become stronger for her brand. Tana is without question going to see a record year when filing taxes in 2023 as she continues to dominate social media and becomes aneven bigger pop culture icon than she already is.

If you’re not already following Tana on her various social media accounts, be sure to do so and that way you won’t miss out on what she has in store for the world in 2022.

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