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Tana Mongeau And Daisy Marquez: Social Media’s Hottest New Power Couple? @tanamongeau @daisymarquez_

Instagram stories may be the greatest invention of the 21st century. And nobody has better Instagram stories than Tana Mongeau. While driving home from a Labor Day weekend party, I was sitting at a stoplight and figured I’d pass the time by scrolling through my IG stories. Of course, the first one I always check out is Tana’s as her stories never disappoint. Low and behold, I stumble across this image.

Of course at first I didn’t know who she was referring to, and then as video played on I realized it was Daisy Marquez. The next video was even better and I was able to grab a screen shot. According to Tana, shes will make out with Daisy forever!

Now, my assumption is there not actually a couple but just having fun. But man, just imagine if this were for real. Of course we all know who Tana is, but is everyone familiar with Daisy? If you aren’t sure who she is, you should check out images and videos below. Odds are, by the time you finish scrolling through everything you’ll be following Daisy on Instagram.

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