On Sunday, Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass and creates the 600 club by himself. The historic score was a touchdown pass to Mike Evans. Everyone in the crowd, on the field and sitting at home knew Tom Brady just threw his 600th touchdown pass except for the guy who caught the ball, Mike Evans. Evans went over to the crowd and gave the ball to a fan. A Buccaneers officer was running over to that fan so fast to get the ball back and negotiate. It was weird to see the fan give the ball back so easy and so quick. I think everyone at home was wondering what they offered him.

That’s all pretty good stuff but he could have had anything he wanted and even Tom Brady himself said he gave up all leverage when he let go of that ball. He is receiving some Bitcoin from Tom Brady.

I want to see in the comments or comment on our social media if you think he got a good deal or did he get screwed?


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