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Take 5 Minutes To Go Vote For Chicks In The Office For The Peoples Choice Awards

It’s amazing how much barstool and people within barstool have grown, Barstool’s very own Chicks In The Office have been nominated for a top pop podcast in the peoples choice awards. Do you realize how crazy that is? I remember growing up and my girls family members would be all over watching the peoples choice awards and I even grew to sometimes watch just for fun and to learn people. So now that my inspiration and favorite company in barstool is colliding and being nominated at that award show is mind blowing, and I mean congratulations to them for absolutely killing it. They always shit on barstool for being misogynistic and all this shit, but one of there top podcasts is a females podcast being nominated for a peoples choice award. It hopefully shuts some of these haters up and hopefully grows this podcast more than it is because they are super talented and deserve this and definitely the win as well.

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