T.O Is More Than Likely Joining The CFL

Written by TrevStone

In 2010, soon to be Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens played his last NFL down of his 15 year career. And now only weeks before he gets introduced to the H.O.F he is going to more than likely join the CFL.

Could he end up having an amazing comeback? Hell no. Sorry T.O “fans”, he’s washed up.

At this point I believe majority of people figured something like this would happen. He has been talking about getting back into playing pro football for awhile now. But honestly why ruin your “legacy.” You’re going to come back all washed up, and a perform like the bullshit receiver you are. You “love” football that much then coach, oh wait.. No one would listen to you.


If you care, Owens is in a 10-day window with the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos. And that will end on July 24. The Eskimos can retain his rights into 2019 with any offer, including one for the bullshit minimum salary of $54,000. But they’re not going to offer him that small of a contract. T.O wants to return to football, but not that bad.

One hit ya old fart.. Putcha right back into the rocker.


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