The Pacers just came-back from 19 down to beat the Cavs, winning 114-111. Normally a 19 point comeback would be the story of the game right? Not in this one. The story of the game is T.J. McConnell.

McConnell just had one of the most unique triple-doubles ever. 16 points, 13 assists, and ten steals on perfect shooting. The Cavs couldn’t hold on to the ball, especially in the second half after Darius Garland went out with an injury. The Cavs had 26 turnovers tonight, leading to 35 Pacer points. McConnell set an NBA record for nine steals in one half and was one steal away from tying the NBA record for steals in a game. McConnell balled out tonight, while the Cavs choked the game away.


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