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Synergy Pro Wrestling Women’s Garden State Invitational Results 12/12/20

Written by Shannon Walsh

Synergy Pro Wrestling first annual “Women’s Garden State Invitational 2020” Tournament results from Paulsboro, New Jersey, USA 🇺🇸 at the Monster Factory live on IWTV on 12/12/20:

Synergy Cruiserweight Crown Champion Kasey Catal pinned Solo Darling after a neck breaker off the ropes.

Willow Nightingale pinned Gabby Ortiz after a gut wrench powerbomb in a WGSI 1st Round Match.

Holidead pinned Riley Shepard with her body buster finisher in a WGSI 1st Round Match.

Tasha Steelz beat Erica Leigh by submission in a WGSI 1st Round Match.

Trish Adora pinned Jordan Blade after a lariat in a WGSI 1st Round Match.

Holidead pinned Willow Nightingale after slamming her off the ropes in a WGSI semifinals match.

Tasha Steelz pinned Trish Adora after a cutter in a WGSI semifinals match.

Faye Jackson and Corinne Mink beat Terra Calaway and Nikki Addams (the stream went out so I didn’t see the finish).

Tasha Steelz pinned Holidead with a crucifix driver to win the WGSI Tournament. Steelz cut a promo after and said she wants to face KC Navarro on a future show.

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