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Sydnee Michaels Is One Of The Hottest Women On Th LPGA Tour; Tiger Woods’ Most Incredible Shots From The PGA Championship

Sydney Michaels is presently on the LPGA Tour and graduated from the LPGA Futures Tour and became a full member of the LPGA in 2012.

Michaels turned professional in 2010, and joined the Futures Tour on January 18, 2011. She won the last two events of the season, with one being the Price Chopper Tour Championship. She finished fourth of the Futures Tour official money list in 2011, and was a full member of the 2012 LPGA Tour. Michaels earned $56,232 on the LPGA Futures Tour in 2011. This allowed Michaels to be awarded the Futures Tour Rookie of the Year award.

As I am sure you can tell by the cover photo, Sydnee is a very attractive woman. While those pictures on the cover are great, if you scroll down below you can see even more of her. One thing is for sure; if she ever gives up golf she would have no problem transitioning to becoming a swimsuit model!

If you are a fan of Tiger Woods, you are going to want to see this video. The PGA put together a compilation of Tiger’s greatest shots at the PGA Championship over the course of 20 years. Check the video out below!

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