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Susanna Gibson, Virginia Nurse/State House Candidate, in Hot Water for Her Spicy Content on Adult Websites

Written by Nate

A nurse, mother and Democrat State House candidate is under fire currently after a few spicy videos of her and her husband surfaced on X (formerly named Tw

On the platform, Susanna Gibson was caught making videos and other content of herself and her husband onto adult webcam site, Chaturbate. She was issuing the videos as a side gig for money.

The channel that Susanna was under was named, ‘HotWifeExperience.’ As of right now, it has been taken down.

Here are some of the content Gibson made onto Chaturbate, along with the PG-13 video posted onto YouTube and X by user J.R. Majewski.

However, the 40-year-old Gibson is not backing down without as the New York Post reports that she accused her opponents of doing ‘gutter politics’ while she was doing the videos.

Well Susanna, it looks like your run and career is heading down the gutter at this moment. There ain’t no turning back from this.

Original Photo Courtesy: J.R. Majewski/X

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