Super Wild Card Weekend Picks: Saturday Edition #RIDEWITHME

Written by austenlange

There aren’t many weeks in a year that get me quite this excited. We have an absolute onslaught of great football and I am here to help guide everyone into a winning weekend and give you a little more money in your pockets. Lets get into it.

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills

In this game I am taking the Bills -6 1/2 @ -110. There is just no shot in hell that an old Phil Rivers can go into the blistering tundra that is Buffalo and beat Josh (Rocket Arm) Allen. In my opinion 6 and a half is just not enough points for the Colts, the Bills could run this up quick and easy. Also let’s face it, we knew Josh Allen would be great I mean just look at the guy in shorts. Immaculate.

Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

I’m really feeling the under in this game…. 42 points is an odd total to bet the under on I know but with where the defenses in this game are at in the season and with Jared Goff’s ability to play in this game in question I will be taking this under and wearing it with pride.

Tampa Bay @ Washington Football Team

This is my favorite matchup of the day. The Football Team is not to be fucked with and that defense is here to go and fuck shit up. I am taking the Washington Football team at +8 and I will be betting them to WIN outright. Tom and the Bucs have been awful in prime time games, and I see this defensive front having Tom Brady running for his life.

Let’s go out and have us a fucking Saturday. #RIDEWITHME

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