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Super Bowl Teams Already Released?

Written by Jari Sague

Yes, you read that right. According to the various social media profiles of the NFL, we may already know who is in the Super Bowl, and the NFC and AFC Championship games haven’t even started yet. Below is the ad that was posted by various accounts related to the NFL:

Notice anything odd? Yep, it says “watch the PATRIOTS vs. the VIKINGS”…

Now, we’ve all had those moments where we thought the game might be rigged against our teams after a tough loss, but if I were Jags or Eagles fans, I would be absolutely irate. If this comes to pass, I can’t imagine the type of backlash that will come upon the NFL for such a huge oversight, or perhaps it really is rigged after all. Having 40 year old Brady against a Vikings team that is hosting a Super Bowl (should they make it) would probably make the most money for the NFL, and attract the most viewers, especially with Keenum being such a Cinderella type story.

Eagles fans found the ad quickly, and their response was just as expected:

Since the ad came out on Tuesday, multiple players have seen the ad, and had their response to add as well.

“They probably put that out on purpose to give us some more bulletin board material,” Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham told NJ Advance Media. “That’s crazy, though. I’ve never seen anything like that before. If they want to pencil them in, that’s cool … We still have a game to play. We’re ready for Sunday. “I don’t know if the coaches have even seen that yet. But, it won’t surprise me if that’s on our bulletin boards tomorrow.”

The NFL responded to the ad on Friday saying that “It was a regrettable mistake,” as well as “The ads were mocked up using all the [possible] combinations, but weren’t supposed to go until Monday when the matchup is known. Obviously, someone jumped the gun.”
Obviously. Be ready for the fire that comes from this should the Patriots and Vikings make it, which are my predictions for the Super Bowl, but it has to almost be a lock now after seeing this. Get ready NFL.

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