Super Bowl Has Lowest TV Ratings Since 2006 And Everyone Knows Why

Written by Will

Here comes the annual ratings after the Super Bowl. Everyone discusses it, this year had the lowest television rating since 2006. Of course, all the old heads and morons will say “it’s because the NFL involved politics” or something along those lines. Guess what? TV ratings have gotten lower year after year every since streaming. It will continue that way. Not everyone has cable anymore. A lot of people, mostly younger, use streams for the games. Youtube TV had millions of people watching it on that and many more streaming platforms. Hell, then if you have to include the free illegal streams. That’s why TV ratings are down. They are in every sport because of streaming.

It’s not a hard concept to understand but idiots seem to not understand it. It has nothing to do with politics. Again, TV ratings are down in every spot and every TV show. That’s just how it goes with all the streaming.

It was the most streamed Super Bowl ever so of course, the television ratings will be lower. Super Bowl LV was the most live-streamed in history, averaging 5.7 million viewers per minute. Oh and even if you just stick with the television rating, it is still the most viewed show of the past year. So shut the hell up with this bad rating talk.

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