Suns fans got into a MASSIVE brawl at the NBA Finals

Written by Noah Gagnon

Do suns fans just like love fighting or something? No it isn’t the suns in 4 guy again, this time a bunch of Suns fans scrapped wiiiitthhhh…. other suns fans. Literally makes no sense. Check out the clip.

What do these guys possibly have to be mad about? They’re up 2-1 and are on track to win their first finals in franchise history, yet the fans still find a way to brawl with each other in the stands! Don’t get me wrong, if this were some scumbag city like Philly or Boston I wouldn’t be surprised, but I honestly thought Pheonix was filled with old people and hot sorority girls, so to see all these fights in the stands completely shocks me.

And why does it look like a grown man is fighting with a 12-year-old kid here? Was it a ding-dong-ditch dispute? Was he punishing him for not turning in his homework on time? Maybe all these guys are just trying to be the Suns in 4 guy. One asshole blows up for being a maniac, and the rest are just chasing the same clout, but something tells me it’s not gonna work out for them.

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