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Sunny VS Sable- Who Was Hotter? Vote Here!

Despite watching wrestling as a young child, it wasn’t until late 1995 when I really got into it on a weekly basis. What really pulled me back into wrestling was the storyline of the “Boyhood Dream” of Shawn Michaels’ desire to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. The entire storyline beginning when Owen Hart delivered an enziguri kick that knocked Michaels out and sent the commentary on RAW went dark. It led you to believe that he was seriously injured. Then he returned at the Royal Rumble to win it for the second year in a row, and eventually went on to Wrestlemania to win the WWE Championship from Bret Hart. That is the storyline that brought me back into wrestling.

Sunny and Sable however are what kept me watching.

I first remember seeing Sunny debut with the Body Donnas, and man was she a breath of fresh air. In my opinion, the Body Donnas were a boring team and Sunny was the only reason they had a place on the card.

From there, Sunny went on to manage teams like the Godwins, the Smoking Guns and eventually the Legion of Doom. Sunny made her way all around the tag team division before eventually managing Farooq Asad and then eventually leaving the company in 1998.

What Sunny is most remembered for however, is the various spreads she would pose in for the WWF and RAW Magazines. I subscribed to both of these magazines, and luckily my parents had no clue how risque some of the pictures could be for a 13 year old boy to be viewing. Below are some of Sunny’s more memorable pictures.

From 1995 until 1996, Sunny was without question the best thing going in WWE. But then, on the arm of none other than Hunter Hearst Helmsley, debuted Sable. The real life wife of Marc Mero, Sable started her career in WWE as a valet and eventually went on to manage Marc. I could drone on about how she eventually split from Marc, and went on to become the WWE Women’s Champion. But the truth is, you just want to see more pictures of Sable.

For me, it’s hard to decide who the better of the two is. Both of them have made plenty of appearances from the “bank” when I was a teenager, but I can honestly say I hold them at a tie in terms of who was hotter. So I ask you dear reader, who was hotter? Sunny or Sable

Vote at the link below and let us know who’s hotter!

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