Sunny Days No More: WWE’s Sunny’s OnlyFans Account Down to Eight Subscribers!

Written by Mike Rickard II

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny’s OnlyFans account base has shrunk faster than male genitalia in frigid water. In an incredible example of going from sugar to shit, an account that had over 2100 fans is now down to a paltry eight subscribers. According to Ringside News, “Sunny is down to 8 subscribers on OnlyFans.” The site speculated these eight subscribers were possibly suckers cash-conscious consumers who saved money on an annual subscription.

With fans paying anywhere from $23 to 30 a month, the troubled Diva was raking in loads of dough (at one point boasting she brought in over $100,000 in six weeks), once again proving the P.O.P. (power of the pussy). Sunny was riding high, throwing her newfound wealth in online critics’ faces when they criticized her for racially-charged tweets.

Sunny’s racially-charged rant led to considerable criticism

As noted in my award-winning story* on Sunny’s release from Con College and jump to OnlyFans, things were looking bright for Sytch as she tapped into fans’ fond memories of her hotness and cashed in. Regrettably, for Sunny, her July arrest for operating a motor vehicle on a second license suspension has kept her locked up and she’s been unable to post new content.

There’s no telling where Sunny’s revolving door lifestyle into and out of incarceration will go from here, but for now, she won’t be able to rely on her once-lucrative OnlyFans account which is bad news for people with too much disposable income.

*Editor’s Note: Mike Rickard’s article on Sunny did not receive any awards but it did lead to a summons.

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