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Sunday Funday With Scal

We have a loaded slate of sports coming up so let’s bet it all. We have the finals of Wimbledon, the Euro Finals, and NBA Finals game 3. Got a full breakdown here.

We shall start at Wimbledon. Djokovic is a -550 favorite over Berrettini. I don’t see how the Italian stand a chance here. The Joker should roll and win easy. But, laying the 550 is a lot, so we are going to include this in a parlay.

Next we have the Euro Finals. England vs Italy. This game should be great. Both amazing teams. This is one of my best bets ever. I’m taking this to end in a draw after 90 min at +200, and Italy to win the tournament at even money. What this does is makes it so the only way I lose is if England wins inside of 90 min. If it’s tied I cash the +200 even if England wins in overtime. Then if Italy wins inside the 90, I break even. A big brain play.

Lastly we have NBA finals game 3. I’m taking the Bucks -4. I don’t think the Bucks will get swept, but if they lose this game they will. It makes it pretty easy to take them at home here. Giannis needs help, and I have a feeling we will see Middleton or Holiday step up here in-front of a live crowd.

Official plays: PARLAY +350: Djokovic -550, Italy EV to win, and Bucks -4. Individuals: Bucks -4, Euro 90 min Draw, Italy to lift cup. Positive vibes only.

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