Stupidity Alert: Woman in Gorilla Mask Starts Fight After Throwing Egg at Larry Elder (Video)

Some idiots just can’t help themselves, and over in California, it mostly runs rampant with how everything is going there.

In a video by The First on Twitter, quote tweeted by Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw, there was a lady in a pink, gorilla mask who would go on to throw an egg at California’s gubernatorial governor recall candidate and well-renowned radio host, Larry Elder, while he was campaigning in Venice (suburb of Los Angeles).

You can see the woman is trying to incite some fights after throwing at egg as she was yelling at one of Elder’s campaign to ‘not touch her.’

From the party or group of people that preaches about wanting to stop and end racism, they certainly didn’t help their cause after that stunt.

And to do it to a conservative candidate who actually is a black citizen and radio host, it stoops them more lower on our charts.

We certainly hope that California citizens wise up and vote ‘yes’ so they can end their terrible leaderships that has been going on under their vile, current governor in Gavin Newsom.

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