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Stupidity Alert: Twitter User Emme Tweets Out that She Will Knock on Rush Limbaugh’s Door and Tell His Now-Widowed Wife ‘Hope He’s Enjoying Hell’

Written by Nate

Yesterday, everyone had learned about the death of controversial and conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh after a long battle with lung cancer.

Some people paid their respects to the radio icon and past Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, while others just ripped him apart on his deathbed.

One of those people that trashed him, Twitter user named emme., tweeted in a subreply to actor Scott Baio’s original tweet that she would show up at Rush’s house, and say to his widow that ‘hope that he enjoys hell.’

This is not a joke.

The tweet was so sickening that even Scott himself said it was vile.

This came a day after the words ‘Rest in Piss’ was trending on Twitter as well.

Now imagine what would happen if someone said that about a liberal radio or television host or even threatens their family like what she did, their social media accounts would be suspended and/or later terminated.

To be fair, yes, Rush Limbaugh did say some dodgy and offensive remarks from time to time on his show, but people just can’t get a grip and put aside their differences to let the family and people that work with him for a few days.

While they preach for ‘peace and unity,’ Twitter users like Emme are the main reason the United States is now divided socially to begin with! Just unbelievable how low they can stoop before it’s too late for them to recognize it.

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