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Stupidity Alert: Minnesota Woman, Mariah Bock, Tweeted About Wanting to Burn Child With ‘Trump 2020’ Mask On Alive

Written by Nate

Alright, this is very sickening here.

Just found out a moment ago, that Mariah Bock, a Minnesota woman, had tweeted on the 14th that she seen a boy with a ‘Trump 2020’ mask on at a school and said she would ‘literally burn him alive.’

Almost every user was pointing to a woman who works as an executive for Target, but it turns out that this Mariah right here worked at REM Minnesota. From which on what I seen from my research and seeing from comments, the place that she used to work for dealt with people with special needs and other services.

In many of the replies in the organization’s posts, they have said that Bock resigned and is no longer an employee there.

It also is apparent that her Twitter and Facebook pages have also been taken down as a result too.

Yeah, I bet it was a very good idea to delete your pages there, girl. If they were kept up, you’d be hearing it from days on end.

Plus, it’s always disgusting to see a lot of people have some disdain and hate towards others due to their political preference. What made this tweet worse here was that she was THREATENING a child who wore a ‘Trump 2020’ to be burned alive when she seen it.

If she has children himself, that’s even more shameful. Mariah deserves every second of backlash that comes her way with that tweet.

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