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Streaker Uses Tarp as Slip-and-Slide; Gets Stuck in Tarp’s Cylinder Before Getting Handcuffed at Reds-Nationals Game’s Rain Delay

Written by Nate

No, this isn’t the famous 2019 World Series flashing stunt, but it’s pretty close.

In a video tweet by MLB journalist and Barstool Sports employee Jared Carrabis, a streaker was caught on tape getting out of a tarp roll during a rain delay at the matchup between the Cincinnati Reds and the Washington Nationals Wednesday night.

You can see security trying to get the man, who was stuck, out of the cylinder, only to meet them and get detained in the process.

Before getting taken away off the field, there was a video shared by a different user that the streaker was running out and then used the ‘Skittles’ rain tarp as a slip-and-slide in the driving rain.

Even in it’s young history, Nationals Park has seen some interesting stunts involving flashing over the years, but this one tops it so far.

There has been no word yet on what happened to the streaker after he got detained.

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