Story Emerges of How Kyrie Irving Lost His Mom & Nearly Lost His Father During World Trade Center Attack

Written by TrevStone

Everything stems from something. Everyones action is just about based on past events and Kyrie Irving is that same way. People constantly think that he is nuts but where did everything come from?

We have to look at how Kyrie grew up.

He sadly lost his mom at a really young age, his father ended up being a stud at basketball but never was able to make it to the NBA – so he started to train Kyrie. His dad nearly lost his life in 2001 during the World Trade Center attack as he was in the building at the time it happened.

“A friend of mine was on the basketball team. His name is Drederick. Highest scorer in the history of BU (Boston University) when we graduate. We graduate and only 3 NBA teams look at him. I move out to LA, I come back, Drederick walks in wearing a Hertz rent-a-car shirt and my heart dropped. That was the first time I realized that in life, sometimes things don’t work out.”

“I saw it with my friend and I was like ‘Wow’. He’s like, ‘yeah, I’m working for Hertz. I didn’t get picked up by any teams and I might go play in Australia. He goes to Australia, with the same girlfriend from BU, and he marries her. He’s playing in Australia and has a daughter and then a son. He’s just playing basketball to pay the bills and keep the dream alive. His wife isn’t feeling well and he gets a phone call that she died in the hospital. That she had a rare disease and she passed away.”

“Through all this, he’s teaching his son basketball. His son starts playing very well and he’s like, let me move to New Jersey, New York where I can get him into programs like LeBron’s at St. John High or whatever. He gets his son into a good basketball program and he takes a job at Reuters, which is in the World Trade Center. His son started to get good at basketball and one day he walks into work at 8:57 into the building’s lobby. In 2001, when the plane hit the building. He survives. He gets out of the building and gets reunited with his children.”

“His son ends up going from high school, he starts to get interest from colleges. He goes with his son to see Coach K at Duke. They walk into the office for the meeting and on the TV is Drederick playing for BU against Duke in 1988, our senior year. We were ahead at halftime and almost pulled an upset in the tournament, but Drederick played great. His son is like, blown away that Coach K even remembers his dad. He said, ‘listen, a lot of kids are interested in coming to Duke. But if you are anything like that man I remember competing against, if your character is like his, Duke wants you. So he goes to Duke and gets hurt, but he comes back to the tournament and takes them all the way to like the Final Four. Then, he gets drafted by the NBA and he ends up living the dream his father couldn’t. My friend Drederick’s son is Kyrie Irving.”

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