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Storm Area 51 Event Is Now A Three Day Music Festival

Area 51 became a popular topic back in June due to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast that featured Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell.

It was hinted during the podcast that there is some weird stuff going on in Area 51 and that workers were restricted from certain areas and there is unknown that exists upon the workers as well.

Someone eventually created a Facebook Event titled “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop us all” , you can click the link HERE to see the event.

Government officials didn’t take this event lightly and stated that people should stay away and that indeed they can stop each and every person, and it might not be pretty.

A Music Festival has now been announced to take place that weekend from September 19 until September 22

Some people are saying that it will compare to either a Woodstock style music festival that will be near Area 51 and others are comparing it the infamous Fyre Festival.

If it is similar to a Woodstock event, hopefully nobody gets any bright ideas regarding actually storming Area 51.

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