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Stop Asking Dave Portnoy To Do Cameo, Frank The Tank On The Other Hand? He Is King; Some Barstool Employees **Big Ev To Name One** Should Focus On Content Instead Of Cameo Or Do It For Charity Like Jeff Nadu @stoolpresidente @NjTank99 @DoubleVodkaDon @JeffNadu

I feel like Dave Portnoy must be so damn annoyed by Cameo. It seems like every month they reach out to Portnoy to have him on the app. And now dozens of employees have the video buying/sharing app.

And what does Portnoy say? The only way he would join is if he’s poor.

And to be honest, why are people paying for Barstool employees to say something for them for a minute or two? Seems a bit ridiculous, especially for some of the Barstool Creators.

What else do some of them have to do with their night?

You’re telling me that they can’t make a video for a minute for their fans for free? It’s not like they’re getting thousands a day. C’mon. I don’t blame them for hustling, especially if you’re Frank The Tank. He is the KING of Cameo. He is one of the FEW creators who I understand has Cameo.

I constantly see Cameo Ads where they’re promoting Frank The Tank. And to be honest he’s worth it. He’s one of the best content creators on the Internet. KFC? I understand for sure. People love his short videos.

But some of these people? Sydnie Wells? I don’t want to be rude but I felt like she was supposed to come in and be better than YP and since then I haven’t heard anything of her.

Ben Mintz? What else does he have to do during his afternoon? Big Ev? What has he done in the last year for Barstool? Or this new chick Alyssa?

There are so many creators who should be spending more time creating content/blogging for Barstool instead of making $30 Cameo videos.

Click here to see the full list of Barstool employees on Cameo.

Oh yeah or you could be like Jeff Nadu who is a former Barstool employee and is talked about constantly on Barstool content has it set up to be donated to a charity. That’s what a real man does.

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